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Well didn’t sleep too well lastnight.

September 1, 2009

Well didn’t sleep too well lastnight. As always,naman. I fell asleep for a total of 2 hours and 30 mins, and thats 2 hours and 30 mins non-consecutive. Last time I closed my eyes was at the 3 am early this morning. Woke up again at 5 am. I think everyone didnt sleep too well lastnight. My fellow co-workers were all complaing about the same thing. I guess this daylight savings messes your schedule up,eh? For me, it was deeper than that, I felt my lonliness again lastnight. Sadly, I know this is barely the beginning and I have yet to experience the peak of this “alone” time. I’m dreadin’ it *Cha cringes*

Was surfin’ for a lil’ bit lastnight didn’t find too much on the net. did however make a picture of choco south park style. LoL. it’s hilarious. Picture as follows:

tellin’ yeah hilarious. She even got a hat like that too. too funny. All the while Im crackin’ some type of laughter, I talked to Adren lastnight for a few minutes. Said he was coming home from Arkansas and by then it was 9:30pm I dont know how that boi does it, but if it were me I would be exhausted. He then called me later on late late lastnight, amongst others, (cha gives out a not too thrilled look* and it was like 2 something. I fell asleep just saw his miss call this morning. Wonder what was bothering him.

talked to choco lastnight, asking her whats next for her apartment. It’s amazing. Beautiful she couldn’t have picked a better place. But thats just appearance, I’ll hold my tongue until something comes up, which hopefully won’t. Well had a handful of late calls lastnight, mostly private callers, I finally picked up and how you gonna just say, “hey Cha” and hang up? wtf? They better be glad I wasn’t sleeping real good or they would be hearing more than a dial tone coming out of me from my end.

*Cha huddles into a ball position* damn cramps hurtin like hell here. On top of that sleepy and tired. What a way to start the week, dont you think? Im struggling to stay awake here, feelin like I took a dose of nyquil. Not a good feeling. bloggin’ is the only thing that keeping me occupied and awake at the moment *Cha’s head falls unto the desk, a loud “thump” is heard and Cha is knocked out….*


Not a wink of sleep more did I get

September 1, 2009

Good Morning. Not a wink of sleep more did I get, from the other night, however I feel more refreshed this morning for some odd reason. I feel more awake than usual. Non the less, still sleepy and got that lack of sleep headache going on, but feel a lil’ better. Maybe cause of the anitbiotics Im taken again. Hurts the tummy, but makes me feel better in the a.m. so its a 50/50 thing.

Adren been tellin’ me my symptoms are due to depression. He worries about me often, and checks on me any chance he gets, from what I see. Same with Choco, she keeps me company during some nights to ensure i’ll be able to feel better sleeping. Even then I dont want to exhaust these two good friends I have. They dont have to go through this, and they dont have to be there for me, but i am greatful they are there. And if they don’t know that by now, they should. It’s more than just appreciated,its coveted and held with the value far greater than currency could ever hold. With that same respect, I have loved and will continue to love whomever deserves and are worthy of it, regardless if itll cause me sorrow and pain. At the end, I simply give all I can give. If thats not good enough, then the relationship shouldn’t continue. Apparently, someone out there can put out more effort. But to each their own, right?!?