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Was just thinking this morning

September 1, 2009

morning, was just thinking this morning, you know when you try hard to get someones attention cause you know you start to dig em and what not, and then in all your efforts you tend to lose hope if you dont see any signs of interest back? And in the midts of it all, you give it up and just brush it off, meanwhile the other person starts to notice you and start to take you into consideration, I mean who makes up all these rules anyway? Sheesh. It’s so exhausting. Feels like life is nothing but a huge chess game. Some take it seriously others dont, while some half and half. But thats not the point, point is: you sit there ( or stand) and wait, either your on the offensive side or defensive, but non the less whoever makes the first move the other counter reacts to that move. It’s an ongoing game, really. I hate to say life is a game cause at times when Im put into certain situations I dont see life as a game by near or far, but if you lay there just thinking with nothing else on your mind but the literal sense, life is a big game. I for one am not the type to play games. But in a literal sense things happen, you counter-react, then follow through with how you will handle the situation at any given time. Then there are those who dont handle it and simply walk the thin line. imo, I just cant do that. To not try to prepare for anything, for me thats being irrisponsible but everyone handles their own situations there way,wether it be the best way to obtain the best outcome or not, they will do what they please.