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A Friend at work

August 6, 2009

Why hello, hello! Called in to work this morning wasn’t feelin well enough to hear complaints all day long today. Yet here I am, Seven twenty-seven in the morning, not completely wide awake but getting there. We had a small get-together yesterday for Super Bowl. I wasn’t really interested in watching the game was really (more) thankful for the food. haha.

Strangely, I had a not-so-in-place dream lastnight. Just random, random places. Random events, random people. Then Bang! So sudden it came like a train hitting me. I transcended into a place so far away. A place where… no calls, no complaints, all is well and good. Hahaha Bleh! I’m kidding with you guys… Just.. ughh.. everytime I think about going to work and picking up the phone, my shoulders and neck start to tighten up. I’m hoping all of this is going to end soon. Back to normal schedule.

Ok gonna run some errands today. I hope I run into something that will delight me.