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Finally Part 3

August 6, 2009

I left the Phils Oct.10th. and Maki went back to her home in Laguna. I came home here to Tess. 1 week from yesterday has passed and I barely go out. Body still confused which time zone to yield to. I’ve been home I go out only when its necessary. for example, food. other than that I’m here at home, in my room. still thinkin’… remenescin’, plannin’, recalculating.. etc. my never ending battle because I choose to fight this battle that will take hold of my very life if im not careful…im tired of typing now.. i wanna lay down so yeah unfinished as always… someone save me from my own brain and heart……. wheng2 where are you when I need you, cousin? I miss you… I thought noone could understand me more than Anny and Steph, but Wheng you understand me. Take care there in Saudi. Careful always ha?!?.. come back home to Phils soon.