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Eyes lookin’ like I got my ass whooped

September 1, 2009

HUGE HEADACHE!!! Eyes lookin’ like I got my ass whooped. On top of that almost was late this morning. I just remember hitting the snooze button and fell right back to sleep, I was so dizzy this morning still am. Florescent light shining so bright, it pains me to sit here.

Got home yesterday and slept through most of the day, went back to bed and I still am very tired. I feel so stressed out.  a few more months for vac time and I’ll be in complete bliss for 2 weeks. Sleep late, wake up late, go to the mall, visit family. see some friends. etc.

So much things that I feel, like so sad and depressed lately. Other times I’m able to cope. Most of the time, complete disaray and chaos. Head is spinning full of thoughts, body exhausted full of emotions, eyes worn out so many tears. Im really to a point where I’m actually lookng forward to feeling numb. All this pain I just can’t cut it. Maybe I give myself too little credit, Adren always tells me that I’m stronger than I think am. Just afraid to be strong. I don’t know, after all, he is just the male version of me. He must be right. I don’t know I don’t feel strong. In fact, I feel weaker than weak. Is that possible?