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Just woke up a lil’ bit awhile ago

August 8, 2009

*sighs* back home now. Just woke up a lil’ bit awhile ago.( this was like at 8 or 9pm) I made it back home from H-town/Galveston in about 2 hours and 45 mins and no speeding tickets. hehehe. so neway going back this weekend with Choco. Been a minute since me and her have gone back together. Definately something to look forward to. Go back to our second home… H-town. say wha? hehe.

well still haven’t got any sleep. really hard to get any these days. Not that I’m such a busy person, not by far, just you know when your mind is full of thoughts and it’s like your heart is trying to say something to you and you dont know which of the two you should follow, its impacted me a great deal. My body is runnin’ on batteries recharged for only a few hours, then I start to crash but even then my eyes don’t shut. they stay open. I’m feeling the fatigue. So then my best friend asks me, why dont you sleep? I dont even have an answer for her.
the quietness, the stillness, the moments I am alone (which now is often) weakens me to a state of despair. If I died and was sent to that place they call hell, this would be it.

right now on the phone with tess, can’t wait to see her before im off I miss her but then theres this other feeling. I don’t know. I’m excited to go cause now I got an opportunity to travel wherever from Philippines onward. My Lola told me we will be going to Singapore and Hong Kong to visit her friends. From there she asked me where I wanted to go for my Birthday. Of course I replied, Japan. She said she also has a few contacts there where we can stay with them. So yeah, im kinda looking forward to going back… then after the yup gonna finish for real. unless of course you know already obstacles. Parents squirming around about the properties they bought in the Philippines, guess got more business to take care of when I get back. ughhh.. I don’t like all that. too much hassle. Yeah I’m talkin shit now, but when its all good my ass be the first one there hahaa. dayamm… well yeah gonna go for now peepz.. a long night ahead of me here… *tsuupp*