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An adventure that started from excitement

August 6, 2009

An adventure that started from excitement, moving on to disaster, to a not so bad evening…

So here we are the evening me and Baby Ko gonna go watch the screening for Night Watch.  Been waiting weeks for it, so here we are lookin’ fresh hopped in the ride and we were off to the Angelika Film Center… arrived exactly 6:20 pm. Baby Ko turns to me and says “you got the passes?” me, “Ummm nooo… don’t you have it?” ran up the stairs to the ticket booth and yes its required for the viewing how silly of me… ok so here we are… bitchy blaming each other.. runnin’ around lookin’ for a net cafe… nope.. nowhere in sight.. 6:45 pm drove to the other side of mockingbird and found alpha graphics…. parked!.. Damn it closed!!! so were sitting in the car feeling all disappointed and bitchy… I had a thought.. we’re right here by SMU. Drove around SMU asked like a million people where we can get net access free with a printer… alas 7:15 pm.. found the music library through alot of helpful people. really nice cats out there at SMU! so ok by now after all we have gone through runnin’ around the campus looking to print out what i dub the “golden ticket” it is finally in our grasp… so we hit the road back to the theatre back to the ticket booth and 2 big fat signs “NIGHT WATCH 7:30 PM SOLD OUT” I was upset but not as upset as some people who came and thought they still had seats available. So by now I was still disappointed but not really. On the flip side since it was sold out there’s a good chance they’re gonna show it in on other theatres here at a later time. So like 50 million sweat tears me and Baby ko decided that the bellies were starting to yell hunger on us… so off to Tam’s buffet. And I don’t know how many oysters later plus a to go box of oysters headed home… and oh we cant forget the lotto ticket.. so yeah.. now i’m home full… watching a a re-run of L word… too full… *cha takes a deep breath* I’m full and the evening didn’t turn out so bad..  all for this “golden ticket”