The Gundam 00 Movie Is the Comedy of the Year

September 26, 2014

Gundam 00 Movie


Setsuna having the same hairstyle as his movie counterpart is only the tip of the iceberg. :p

When I heard a bit more about the Gundam 00 movie at Anime Expo a couple of years back, I was looking forward to it. While in retrospect, Gundam 00 isn’t as good as some other Gundam series, I nonetheless enjoyed it and have actually watched it more than once. (And I suppose I’ll always be fond of it to a certain extent since it was my gateway Gundam.) But some initial reviews poured in after the movie was shown in various places (most notably Mike Toole’s article at ANN), and the feedback was not great, to say the least. So my expectations were lowered considerably heading into the movie, which is why I can safely say that I still thought it blew huge chunks.

But there is enjoyment to…

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