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Mayweather’s volcanic spew on Pacquiao indicates Floyd knows he needs Manny bout

May 3, 2012

Will he or won’t he?
Some veteran boxing observers, including the Associated Press’ Tim Dahlberg, are more convinced than ever after hearing Floyd Mayweather Jr. go into a rant about Manny Pacquiao on Tuesday that the American has no intention of ever fighting the Pinoy Idol.
At the risk of continuing to be shcizo, bi-polar or just weak-minded, I must heartily disagree.
Mayweather’s latest stream of verbal diarrhea about Pacquiao taking PEDs and being nothing but a puffed up drug cheater makes me believe the opposite.
Don’t forget that Mayweather, now 35 and set to cool his heels in a Las Vegas jail cell for 60 days after he meets and defeats shopworn Miguel Cotto Saturday night at the not sold out MGM Grand Garden Arena, is now convinced himself that he is not the pound for pound best fighter on the planet but also is the world’s best promoter.
All the palaver, all the blather, is just prepromotional fodder for the Mayweather-Pacquiao Super Fight to come either in November or next spring.
Let’s face it, Floyd and Manny are both running low on highly salable foes, with Floyd fighting a Manny “leftover” in Cotto and Pacman clinging to little known youngster Tim Bradley as his fistic fodder.
I can see “Money” toying with Mexican rising star Canelo Alvarez come November but he’s desperate for a huge money foe after that.
Finally, I see them turning to each other sometime after June 9, when Pacman has thwarted Bradley’s dreams of grandeur.
Wow, Mayweather is a Chatty Kathy spewing words about Pacquiao.
Makes me think Floyd’s Pacman ducking days will end either in the fall or the spring.
If Mayweather ignored the omnipresent Pacquiao, now then I’d worry…


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