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Covet Affairs Cast

August 23, 2010

Main cast

* Piper Perabo as Anne Catherine (“Annie”) Walker: a 28-year-old CIA trainee who is suddenly promoted to field operative in order to help capture her ex-boyfriend, but the cause of her promotion is unknown to her. She speaks seven languages, including English, Russian,[3] Spanish,[4] Turkish, Hebrew, German,[5] and Portuguese, which she says is her favorite.[6]
* Christopher Gorham as August (“Auggie”) Anderson: a CIA military intelligence/special ops officer who was blinded while on a mission in Iraq. He guides Annie through the paces at her new job. He has four older brothers.[5]
* Kari Matchett as Joan Campbell: a senior officer who heads the Domestic Protection Division (DPD); Annie’s supervisor and Arthur Campbell’s wife.
* Anne Dudek as Danielle Brooks: Annie’s older sister, who is married and has two children, and in whose guest house Annie lives. She is unaware of Annie’s real career, knowing only Annie’s cover—that she is a curator at the Smithsonian Museum.[3]
* Sendhil Ramamurthy as Jai Wilcox: a CIA officer who replaces Sheehan. His family has a long history with the CIA; his father Henry was formerly the DCS.