Billionaires converge to secure the big fight for Dallas

December 14, 2009

The battle of the venues for the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight is seemingly far from over. Although Mayweather and team were initially unhappy with officials from Texas and preferred the MGM in Vegas, it appears the lone star state is bending over backwards to land the pound for pound clash.

Dallas Mavericks owner and fellow billionaire Mark Cuban has thrown his support behind Dallas as the host city for the event. Cuban is no stranger to Mayweather either, having apparently befriended him during Floyd’s tenure on Dancing with the stars.

This is just the latest in a long line of moves by Dallas to pip Vegas to the post. Yesterday it was reported that outside officials have also been offered to help secure the fight, after representatives from Mayweather said  they felt Texas officials would be biased in their decision making.

Despite canceling a trip to Vegas last week, Richard Shaefer has since then bafflingly said he is still open to offers, perhaps eager to squeeze every last cent out of Vegas he can get. It could also be the case that big Bob from Top Rank has talked some sense into Golden boy and pointed out that lining the pockets of either fighter with an extra few million is generally a good thing for the two of them as well.

Should Cuban decide to weigh in with a few bucks of his own for the guarantee, already set at $25 million from Jerry Jones, it will become increasingly harder for Mayweather to resist, not to mention for Vegas to match. With the combined weight and influence of $1.8 billion from Cuban and $1.4 billion from Jones, there isn’t much that the duo cant get done, and that might include landing the biggest fight of all time.


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