Morning folks

September 18, 2009

Morning folks! Hope everyone had a “decent” weekend. mine was so so. Had a blast with Aunt and her family. Let’s see.. well good thing I don’t cough anymore *knocks on wood* this med is kicking my ass though, tummy hurts feelin drowsy icky stuff. but hey so long as I dont cough up a lung…or two right?

Why do people make excuses to justify that what they are saying or doing is the right way or try to hide what the realism on the truth is? I mean its like when you call a buddy up, tell her/him your problems, you expect some type of feedback right? something. Well She hates it when I voice my opinion on her “issues” I’m like ” Then why tell me, if you don’t wanna hear what I think.” wanna tell me to just say it ask questions but not have me answer any of them? I mean that is just plain stupid. Its like saying “I’m feelin’ down and frustrated how are you? *same person thinks: Please don’t answer my question I just wanted to ask but I didn’t want a response* then turn around and get angry and say I’m not paying attention. WTF? I guess im not a mind reader like some people. I can’t tell the difference between someone asking me a question and wether or not I should say anything, for fear that when i respond it might envoke an argument. Which is ridiculous. Why should I fear that? If you dont wanna hear my opinion, then don’t ask me for it or tell me things that don’t “concern me”. Some people are just fucking retarded. Sorry for the language but it just frustrates me, even though I shouldn’t be. Just so much anger and frustration happens when shes at her house. Seems to me that she going through alot of “bullshit” and she wanna bring me down too. Hellz naw! I tell you something: “The shit thats happening now, is all your fault. You are the one who caused it and brought unto yourself to take on resposibility when you aren’t even responsible enough to take care of YOUR OWN issues first. Hypocrite if you ask me. Contradicting with what you say and your actions with the matter at hand, is the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts and I have accepted the fact that I can very much be without you, and that I can very much find someone else more deserving of me then you, I can very much leave you to shit and let you deal with it. Remember that! You, my dear are the one holding on. I am your exit, your temporary relief, your vacation you long for everytime you go back to that house of chaos. I simply am, and my intentions are NOT to be conceited in anyway, your last hope. Wanna sit there and tell me information that doesn’t concern me and then turn and tell me its non of my business? Then stop offering useless information then. You wanna vent then vent, I have no problems with that, but when you start directing all your anger and frustration my way, it aint cool at all. I am not the one who brought you the problems, the only problem you have with me is letting go. You say You wanna stick around cause it’s for me? To give me time to recover? Recover from what? I simply was just a swimmer, swimming along, had weight on my shoulders and the weight fell off and im back to floating and swimming easier again. What’s the deal? I might cry when I’m alone, I might weep. But in reality, I don’t need this bullshit. Keep it up, you’ll lose a good friend out of me, amongst other things.


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