Do you know where to draw the line

September 18, 2009

Do you know where to draw the line when it comes to helping ? Do you know when to say you did all you can? Do you know know when you should stop helping people who don’t even wanna help themselves? As choco would put it, ” can’t tell grown ass people what to do, and you shouldn’t help someone who refuses to help themselves.” It’s like when you help someone time after time for anything and everything they start to take advantage and assume you will always be there to “spoon feed” them. I understand you gotta help your family, but don’t you think its time for them to help themselves? People who make excuses for other people goes to show that their need to help is greater than the need of those asking for help from the other end. I just don’t understand it. I mean after all you have done for them, how can someone, grown ass people, be so irrisponsible? People who have the ability to rationalize to do what ever means necessary to survive yet still be so carefree with obligations needed to be fulfilled. I am disgusted at the fact that you have continuesly helped these people you call “family” and yet in the times you are needing little help they are nowhere to be found. Help/support should be a give and take relationship on both ends. I have never seen a family so selfish and so self-centered in my life. I have never seen anyone so irrisponsible so money-driven who will stop at nothing to get it and will do anything and everything no matter how low it might be to obtain money. People who change because they get money. I’m not a “Bible” oriented type of person, but in this case, money is the root of all evil. tsk tsk. It really bothers me and annoys but that I can sit here and rant about all day long, but theres really nothing I can do about it. You give advice to someone with the utmost sincerity to look out for that person [because you care so much about that person and you dont wanna see them get used and abused like that,especially from her OWN family], but they don’t listen. What else is there to do? Sit here and watch. I mean I can’t do anything. It’s like seeing someone murder your loved one in front of you while you stand behind a glass wall helplessly watching. I even stressed for her. The whole situation is ridiculous!! Why is it only me who can see it? I guess 3rd party viewing can be more clear at times. It’s like, for example: in the mothman prophecies. there was this one part where richard gere was talking to some guy who had first hand experience with the “entities” he states, ” ..Maybe they can’t see the future but see a lil’ more further out. Like if I was standing at the top of a 12 story building, and you are on the ground level, respectively I can see further out than you can since I’m in an elevated level…” So you can see it that way, some people mistaken to “see the future” rather than actually being able to “predict” the outcome of any given situation just because of perspective.

after awhile giving the same advice can be redundant and quite exhausting. I guess why stress for someone who doesn’t wanna listen to constructive critism,right? Maybe someday they’ll actually rationalize the way they handle “situations” and will be able to see that when certain advice is given they should actually follow it or take it into some serious consideration. After all, a good friend gives a non-biased constructive critism advice, but someone who loves you gives the best advice with the utmost sincerity with the intentions to only protect you from harm.


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