Where to find Acupuncture in Cebu

September 7, 2009

There is one, Dr. Felipe Lim, a good doctor. His clinic is at Happy Valley Subd., V. Rama St., Cebu City. You can contact him through tel. no. 253-6648.. I tried Acupuncture for my upper back pain.. And so far it went fine.. Still have 3 sessions left.



  1. thanks for the info.. i have a back pain for a year now.. and im thinking of having an acupuncture session and see if it works…

  2. hi… i would like to know if how much per session would cost me?

  3. hmmm i went there and it cost me 1.3k in my first session and the second time i went there it cost much cheaper 850

  4. Hi.. Can anyone tell me how much would it cost for a whole body acupuncture? How many sessions would it take?

    • i honestly dont know how much it would cost you for whole body. But i was charged by the number of needles. The number of needles depends on your diagnose

  5. hello good evening… may ask a question i have a bell’s palsy is it okie to undergo acupuncture??

    • hello there.. maybe u should just call the clinic and ask for yourself.

  6. does he perform acupuncture for pregnant women?

  7. hello my husband have a siatica in almost 7months i would like to as if there’s have anything can do about that?

  8. How much it cost now a days per session treatment of dr. Lim.

  9. Am form Dipolog City and I will be in Cebu on July 9 for 3days. Can you fit in me in your schedule?

  10. Hi

    I would like to inquire how long does it take per session of the acupuncture session.

  11. Doc may i ask f acupuncture good for my husband having renal failure undergo 2x a week

  12. hello i have lower back pain for 10 months now..is it okay to undergo acupuncture? thanks

  13. Hi, can acupunture treat infertility?

  14. I am from Talisay City, Cebu. I would like to have an acupuncture on my left leg due to varicose veins. Does it work?

  15. I did not get the prices for compleat body and how long it takes me

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