Not a wink of sleep more did I get

September 1, 2009

Good Morning. Not a wink of sleep more did I get, from the other night, however I feel more refreshed this morning for some odd reason. I feel more awake than usual. Non the less, still sleepy and got that lack of sleep headache going on, but feel a lil’ better. Maybe cause of the anitbiotics Im taken again. Hurts the tummy, but makes me feel better in the a.m. so its a 50/50 thing.

Adren been tellin’ me my symptoms are due to depression. He worries about me often, and checks on me any chance he gets, from what I see. Same with Choco, she keeps me company during some nights to ensure i’ll be able to feel better sleeping. Even then I dont want to exhaust these two good friends I have. They dont have to go through this, and they dont have to be there for me, but i am greatful they are there. And if they don’t know that by now, they should. It’s more than just appreciated,its coveted and held with the value far greater than currency could ever hold. With that same respect, I have loved and will continue to love whomever deserves and are worthy of it, regardless if itll cause me sorrow and pain. At the end, I simply give all I can give. If thats not good enough, then the relationship shouldn’t continue. Apparently, someone out there can put out more effort. But to each their own, right?!?


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