Weekend certainly went by pretty quick

August 31, 2009

Weekend certainly went by pretty quick. Went to a party, played mahjong there, and even got penalized. LOL its all to the good, I lost everything I gained, so inturn I didn’t lose any money. i said I DIDN’T LOSE ANY MONEY!!! LOL but I know someone who lost the money for me. LOL. man….

Things are startin’ to look better for me now, not stressing over BS I can’t help. Going with the flow of things. Some crazy kat, been calling me off the hook this past weekend. Like whoa. 1 miss col, 2 miss col, 3 mis col, 4. hours past, 3 mis col and i finally pick up. What can I say? when Im playing that ‘jong I dont pay attention to time or the phone. I’m tellin’ yeah it kills time quick, we start like 6 or something, end up not going home till morning time. Even then we still wanna play. So anyway back to what i was saying, well this kat right, which will remain nameless until I see fit to mention her, until then shes just another kat in the alley. and for those of you thinking, “oh shit cha, is it like that?!” Naw homie it aint like that, just you know gotta keep “thangs” on the low. Know how people like to run them gums. I hate to assume and I hate it when people think they can read minds. So i’ll leave everything up in the air. Anyway I get weird vibes from her and this is another case where you can say, “actions speak louder than words!” yup yup. She wanna tell me one thing, then act totally different. weird me out dude. So yeah enough about her, shes too time consuming more than I wish to give her of my time anyway. See people like that shouldn’t be given the time of day, and I guess she realizing it too. Then there’s other kat who called me in the middle of the night also. Was tellin’ she got some “thangs” she need to talk to me about. Felt kinda bad for her, she didn’t sound to good on the phone. I haven’t seen this chick in a minute, not since I worked with her back in the day. You know when someone calls you and they sound all upset, and the more you ask whats wrong the more they curl up and get quite to prevent from causing an outburst of emotions. Thats what I got from her. Wish I couldve done something for her, but she had to go. Can’t make someone stay on the phone if they dont want to or cant. So I hope shes doing ok. Atleast until I can actually see her and talk to her about her issue.

Another thing that just “erks” me is when you can predict an outcome. Gawd… im not saying I’m Ms. Cleo or whatever but sometimes certain situations just can be seen through. *sigh* well again another issue that i need not to concern myself with…

still having trouble sleeping at night. especially on sunday nights. Just can’t sleep. Tried every sleeping pill there is but my insomnia has taken great disregard to all of them. I just feel restless, feel like something is missing. Just can’t put my thoughts as to what it is. so yeah as I described before, im laying there talking to whoever on the phone until whenever, 3 am rolls around i feel drowsy 30 mins later im out… but i wake up again at 5 to go to work. I feel hella hella tired but noone to blame but myself. Here at work, light is killing me. Headache has taken a strong hold of me and lashing me about the room. Thoughts are starting to come back to mind, its pure torture im tellin yeah. pure torture.


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