Morning Folks!

August 31, 2009

Morning Folks! Was talking to Choco about Jland lastnite. And we still haven’t discussed the date for it. I was telling her sometime in fall would be nice. Gonna do some more research on it today. Places to go, people to see, but most of all booty calls to pick up on. hahahahah

So yeah here I am at work,chillin. Not busy so far today, I am glad. Was talking to bossman, who happens to be a good friend of mine, was comparing values of yesterday and of today. Just isnt the same. But then again, it really all depends how you were brought up and if choose to leave by values. Gives a person a base ground you know. anyway I could get into it long details and all, mainpoint being is, you just don’t see the commitment, the sacrifice, the compromise in relationships anymore. I didn’t live in the “golden” era were people actually truly loved someone and actually married them for sincere reasons, now days as bossman would put it, ” …Get a good hard on, hit it, thne run off and say: i love you, lets get married..” tsk tsk. I cannot tell a lie, at times the sex is so great that i even succomb to that. Atleast feel that way. hehehe. Hey atleast I’m willing to admit it, not like others who’ll be in denial until its too late. Also a category I fall under at times.

*sighs* well have a good day folks… gonna eat some breakfast now… MmMm noodles!


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