Daily Update Part 1

August 6, 2009

Sorry had to refrain from updating needed to surprise “Ma” when she got into town. (Welcome back Ash!) so yeah Cha is back in town. For how long is the question that needs to be answered. Yes Yes, I have options and right now I came home well cause I needed to make sure “certain folks” are doing ok. Can’t leave my peeps hangin. Now got one left to see now that I’m back. So yeah this pass, what?, 2 months? been traveling. Back and forth between two of my beloved homes. Now got job opportunities everywhere I don’t know which to choose. 2 I know would prove very beneficial to my bank account. 1 of which is here in the States the other in Japan. Yeah I got a job hook-up there. Phils I can go and work there too, but its not really that beneficial to the pocket (unless my plans of my very own business click) more like beneficial to the wholesomeness of my happiness. “Pops” always told me she knew I was gonna end up there one way or another. It’s true I will end up living there one way or another. sooner or later in my life. Made in the U.S.A with a heart solely made for the Philippines. so let me rewind and let u all know what I’ve been doing there in Phils these past 2 months, let see where do I start?..
*cha takes a deep breath* well I touch down Aug. rested, had some fun. well always had fun.. then the fun and games started to get old then I felt the reality of living there. The hardships, I felt “Philippines” to its fullest. The heat, the jeep rides, eating in the corner of some random food stand. My Lola decided if I wanted to live there I needed to learn how to “live” there. So I experienced it. everything from washing my own clothes by hand to no a/c ,well sometimes. hehehe. And yeah I got hella sick there too. But noone knew about that but Maki. Took care of some property business there. All in the making… thinking of ideas of what else i can turn lil’ money into a pile of even more money. So i sat there and thought and at the same time spent some quality time with the family back home. For the first few weeks I was there I wanted to come back to the States. Everything I took for granted was no longer such a luxury for me to do so, including hot showers. I couldnt step out of the shower without feeling dirty all over again, or rubbing my hands with rubbing alcohol. I couldn’t go newhere without wearing socks just cause I have this thing with my feet being clean. I couldnt go newhere riding the jeep without hords of “locals” staring at me like im an “alien”. lmao. Didn’t bother me much. I wasn’t as dark as most of them. See when your lighter than the average pinoy (skin color wise) they dont expect you to ride the jeep cause ur considered “above average” wealth wise there. But other foreigners were just ignored as they , including me,started to be seen everywhere. Everyone from Koreans , Japanese, to Puti. But nontheless I took jeep. cause my Lola taught me to survive there using the local transportation. Afterawhile I loved it, didnt wanna go newhere without riding it. Unless of course far away places like the mall or the casino. hehehe. So ok, i made my adjustments. I started to see things arent so bad once u get used to them. Afterall, I spoke the language I ate what was natural to me to eat, thanks to my parents I wasn’t a complete “stateside brat” I don’t think I wouldve have lasted in the Phils, “locally” without being able to understand and speak my native tongue. so time passed, hords of paper work with titles of paper work for properties bought. Then plans of development for the beach resort in Bohol, the house in Maolboal, the apt. building going to be built for income there. everything is set, right? Naw its not, cause I still find myself wanting more. well needing more. See the downside of being there back at home in the Phils is that everywhere you turn ur spending money. So U.S dollar conversion to the Philipino Peso is significant. Still need to make more U.S. dollar and bring it back home. So by now your thinking, whats the problem come home to the States work/study and go back right? I’m not contented with my life that way. My heart is so far away from the States, like a laptop running on its batteries, it’ll only last for so long before I have to be recharged again. Its the same thing. It’s like I always wanna be there. ok ok so enough about the explanation with that whole financial thing there. Let get down to why I was really really there in the first place.


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