What You Need To Know About Building Chicken Coops

August 2, 2009

I’m going to assume, if you are reading this article, that your wanting to build a chicken coop is not something you’re doing on a whim. This is something that you have given a great deal of thought to. Well, before you go about this project, there are a few things that I feel you need to know. I hope you will find this information helpful.

Too many people are under the impression that chickens don’t need an awful lot to be content. Granted, they don’t need TVs and PCs like us humans to get through the day, but they do need some basic necessities if their new home is going to be one that is comfortable and enjoyable to live in. To say one thing is more important than another wouldn’t be doing the chickens any justice. Every piece of the puzzle is important. And those pieces are numerous.

Your chicken coop should be strong, sturdy and impregnable. In other words, no unwanted critters should be able to get inside. It should also be warm and dry. Chickens, contrary to popular opinion, don’t like the water. If you think I’m kidding, try giving one a bath. You also want to make sure the coop is properly ventilated. You don’t want your feathered friends suffocating inside. Make sure you build your coop so that it gets plenty of sunlight throughout the day. Also, chicken feeders should be placed so that they are easy to get to.

I have no doubt that your chickens are important to you. That’s why you want to build the best chicken coop possible. It is therefore critical that you keep these things in mind, as well as the actual appearance and design of your coop. I mean after all, you don’t want their home to be an eyesore. Make it something that you can be proud to show off.

If you’d like more great info on building chicken coops, check out the link in my signature. You’ll be building the absolute best chicken coop possible in record time.


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