SM Danvil PPL – Cebu (modus operandi or business strategy?)

August 2, 2009

Have you noticed or even experienced when going shopping or strolling around SM when one of those green-dressed and formal looking people asked you if you already owned a credit card? And if you answer them “YES I have”…. then they congatulate you and said that you’ve just won a gift from them!! Then, they will accompanied you at their office beside LTO (near Gillamac’s, Slimmer’s World)…. Then they started to introduce their product…

I haven’t experienced it personally because I already knew this style of marketing…. It just happened that I knew somebody (my GF officemate) that allegedly she falls in their so called “ILAD”..

She said that after going upstairs to their office (Danvil PPL), agents start to introduced and presented their product one-on-one with her….. To make the long story short, one of the agents asked her credit card to check her credit card balance…. to her surprise, the agent informed her that she just swipe her credit card worth 6k for the insurance policy and it is not refundable…. She was shocked, stuned, and she doesn’t know what to do and just leave the office and felt like floating in the air… even that night she said that she can’t sleep… at the office she told her officemates and she told them that she will just let go her 6k, doesn’t think about it anymore and just considered it as “charge to experience”. A day after, I knew the story from my GF and I said to her that don’t say “just give up or charge to experience, etc.!” Fight for it! You don’t want their product and it is not your own freewill that you bought their product worth 6K. If you don’t want it, then get your money back… That is why she is planning to go back to SM and will ask to cancel her transaction…

Is this “ILAD” or business strat

posted by : buloi123 of istorya.net



  1. i almost got scammed by this people. Fortunately it come to my senses that this people are trying to scam me.

  2. I couldn’t blame those people posting these comments. But i can’t consider these comments being fair to those who work in that company and to us who experienced all the benefits from the insurance we bought. That’s why I’m posting this comment because I’m happy and satisfied with there services and products. And for those who don’t know anything about the company yet, you better shut your mouth and try to bite the bait by testing and accepting their invitation and see for yourself if its really “ilad” you just have to prove it with all the evidences you have with you because all of these postings doesn’t help you. Which would you believe, facts or opinions? Now see for yourself.

    from: PPL planholder,

    By the way i just claimed my maturity last saturday.

  3. Ayaw mo pa ilad ana. Ako grabi kaayo na ilang scam sa manila…. Wala na kaayo sila mailad didto mo diri nasab sila Cebu mangilad.


  4. Sorry for commenting off topic … what wordpress theme do you use? Looks amazing!

    • its a free template (Neat! by Topi Peltonen) by wordpress.

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