Some Tips For Starting A Record Label

July 22, 2009

In the first article I wrote on this subject, I tried to impress how starting a record label is serious business. Well, in this article, I’m going to share with you a few tips on getting that record label of yours started. It is my hope that you’ll find these helpful and springboard you to other ideas. I can’t stress the importance of coming up with a killer name for your record label. Just like with everything else in the world, a name can be gold or it can be your downfall. Motown Records was a perfect example of the perfect record label. It not only defined the label but the style of music itself. Whenever you think of Motown, you think of The Supremes, Jackson 5 and so on. That’s what you want people to think of when they think of YOUR label. It’s not an easy thing to pull off, but it’s something that’s important and should be kept in mind. Branding is the name of this game. Next, you want to find the best talent you can to work with. I’m not talking about the artists that you sign. I’m talking about the means to creating the music. You want to make sure you get a good recording studio, good engineers and so on. The quality of your product is going to be critical if you expect to have any chance of beating out the big boys. That means having some samples for people to hear, even if that means you have to hire bands to come in and make recordings for you. Your clients need to have a very good idea of what they can expect from you. Finally, and this is the part you’re not going to want to hear, say a lot of prayers…if you have ‘em. The recording industry, to say it’s competitive, would be like saying that Tyra Banks has pleasant features. You are going to be going up against some of the biggest names in the business. If you believe that success is just going to fall into your lap, you are living in a dream world that nobody is going to be able to snap you out of. You have a monumental task ahead of you. Having said that, if you come up with a killer name, have the best resources and ultimately put together a quality product, you have just as good a chance as anybody else of achieving success. In my signature, you’ll find a review of a great product that will make the record label creation process go a lot smoother for you.


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