My ClassMates speak badwords

July 17, 2009

Dear Cindy,

Im in my senior year in college and im one of those angry with our school administration. They have been pulling up the rate of our tuition fees, but some of us cannot pull our grades up. One thing I hate most is the bad words that come out of the mouths of my classmates in our school. I keep on asking myself why my parents enrolled me in this kind of institution which cannot discipline students who utter such words. The bad result is that I also utter those words when I get angry.

Reply :

Dear Liezel,

Brave little laday, standing up for what is right and good! But please control your anger. It is good for the soul as some people say, but to Jesus, Our God. Instead of being angry, pray for the people who are handling the administration of your school. Ask Jesus to Bless them with His wisdom and sense of justice, so that they do not unduly burden the students and their parents. Ask Jesus to touch their hearts and their minds, so that they will start thinking of ways to benefit, not the school, but the students. To your schoolmates who have substituted punctuation marks and exclamation points with bad and indecent words in their daily conversation, please let them know that God is very much displeased with thsose who mouths foul words. My Fertile imagination pictures some of your schoolmates facing a giant TV screen inside a room where St. Peter has ushered them on Judgement Day. On the Giant Tv screen they will be shown all the useless, indecent and bad words they have spoken in school – as well as outside. Why outside? Becuase they have developed the habit of uttering bad words in school, and so they carry the habit when they leave school. In front of that giant Tv Screen, how would they feel with the evidence staring them ?? With the love for God in your heart, I know that you will continue looking fro decency and graciousness of speech and composure in your schoolmates and the society you move in. Praise God for young people like you.


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