A new year … A new life … – Geraldine

July 17, 2009

What a great year it has been, ive been through a lot of ups and downs, learned a lot of new things,got a new job, gained new friends and a new brother to our family…

I never thought i’d write on my blog again, i almost forgot i have a blog, but here i am now, sharing to everyone what my life has been for the past year.

Well, last year i worked at SYKES, one of the biggst call centers in the philippine industry. I stayed there for 1 year and 9 months, i met a lot of dear friends that will always be close to my heart, and then due to some twist of fate i got accepted to the no.1 and leading call center of them all… ” CVG ” damn ! i never even dreamed in applying to cvg and hadn’t dream of being accepted, but now, here i am, already a part of this prestigious company.

I do miss the old Sykes, im even scared, i had questions, ” what if i don’t make it?, what if i don’t last?, what if i don’t get regularized?, what the heck ?! ” but all these are signs that im aware of the changes that are now taking part in my life, things change,people change and life is definetly ever changing… I wish i could stand all this, under GOD’s magnificent guidance and glory, that i will have the strength to stand and be brave to face all these …

These are all for my inspiration, My Family … for all their love and support, to my friends that are there through thick and thin, i thank all of you … And when i have captured my ” moment of glory” that you will all be there smiling and proud of me …

– copied it from my hs classmate


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